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PROMO TRADING company specializes in agency services. Our activity is focused on bringing foreign companies active in clothing trade, shoe industry, and advertising into contact with Polish manufacturers active in the same lines. We coordinate processing transactions which provide that the Polish factories manufacture products designed by the companies from abroad. Our customers are companies from Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland. We have been in this line of business for over 20 years.

As fashion trends are subject to frequent changes, most companies want to adjust their products to market requirements. In order to do that they seek partners who would be able to help them develop new products. Our company is ready to perform a task like this. We can solve all the problems related to manufacturing, quality management, deadlines, supply and logistics. It does not matter whether your company employs 1 person or 1000 persons - we will adjust our offer to your requirements. The experience we have acquired for so many years as well as the ability of adapting ourselves to new conditions enable us to satisfy our customers, regardless of their needs and current fashion. Our advantage is to have a skilled staff and exacting supervisors, which results in a faultless manufacture of products. We employ experts in clothing trade, advertising, and marketing supported by graphic designers, technologists, and specialists in logistics.

In order to ensure that the requirements related to quality and deadlines are met, we carry out production orders in reliable factories with which we have been cooperating for a long time. We are experienced in manufacturing top-quality ladies’ clothing, particularly skirts, trousers, dresses as well as sportswear made from Soft Shell, Windstopper and similar materials.
Our products are marked by top quality and attention to detail.

Apart from production capacity we are in a position to offer other services as well, e.g. we can procure materials and trimmings necessary for production, or make patterns on the basis of samples. We can help with designing and developing new products, logo signs, embroideries, screen-prints, labels, catalogues, promotional gadgets, and the like. Our graphic designers will be helpful in this field.
We use the latest software of Adobe, Corel, Autodesk (MAC and PC).

Contact - in Polish, German or English.

We trust we can arrange worthwhile business relations.
We are at your service at all times.



Our offer is targeted both at Polish manufacturers and at foreign customers. We offer our services as agents in organizing production of clothing in Poland. The factories we regularly cooperate with are equipped with modern machines and boast skilled and experienced workers. The aim of our company is to promote Polish manufacturers on the foreign markets and help our customers from abroad find reliable factories which will be able to produce top-quality products for them.

We offer full service which entails our complete commitment to the cooperation at every stage - starting from an idea through design to shipment. We employ clothing engineers who take care of quality and deadlines. Due to our long-standing experience we are able to manage every task and meet all requirements.

It is our competence and know-how that allow us to maintain good relations with our international partners. Our activity ensures good prospects for growth awaiting all the companies which will make use of our offer.



Promo Trading sp. z o.o.
93-347 Łódź
ul. Przędzalniana 57 lok. 1U
NIP PL9471969283

tel. +48 512 240 722
tel. +48 724 629 923